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Port o' Jawn is just another word for
Potty queen,
Potty King,
Port o' potty & porttipotties.

Port o' kabin

and so on.
Port o' jawn is used by people mainly from Philadelphia.
Hence the word jawn
I have to go take a dump in that port o' jawn.
Yo' there anymore port o' jawn's left?
Any port o' jawns 'round here?
by Kieferx3 January 16, 2010
Facebook is social networking,

alot of times it is used to wait time, and fufill bordum.

Facebook is a good way to "connect" with your friends & start drama. Nothing like two b**** fighting on facebook (:
Hey, can you go on facebook?
OMG, facebook is SOOOO the new myspace.
Ugh, havn't been on facebook in like 1234567890 days! :D

~ i can promise almost everyone who looks at this, has a facebook.!
by Kieferx3 March 13, 2010
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