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The most wonderful form of marijuana to date. The bud has a beautiful blue hue to it rather than the usual green. It also gives off the smell of complete blueberries, hence the name. Although it is not the most powerful, it will still knock you on your ass.
-Yo Mario, you sure this shit is real weed? It don't smell or look like it.
--Yea man, this shit is blueberry.
by Kidd Flow October 09, 2004
1.) One of the stronger strains of marijuana. It is actually NOT used to describe just any sort of good weed, there is a certain type, usually indica, that is labled chronic. It won 3rd place at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

2.) Marijuana laced with cocaine.
1.) "And a phat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made me choke. Shit this ain't no joke." - Snoop Dogg

2.) Joe rolled an eight with a nick of coke and we smoked a phat ass chronic blunt.
by Kidd Flow February 20, 2005
Currently the second strongest weed available. It prevailed for a long time as the strongest until white widow was introduced. Named after the glimmer of the trichomes and crystals covering the buds in comparsion to the actual northern lights. It also has a very bright, pine green color to it. Very hard to find the real stuff nowadays. A one hit knockout.
Ayo, lets go cop some northern lights. That shit'll put you on your ass from one hit.
by Kidd Flow October 15, 2004
A high potency form of marijuana similiar to the cannibus specie purple haze, made from a cross of Haze and Indica. Named after the mass amount of THC glands covering the plant.
Fuck that shwag, let's go get a quarter of Silver Haze.
by Kidd Flow December 28, 2003
God Bud originates in the BC islands and is one of the newest strains to come about. It is characterized by being a very potent strain that is stronger than most others available today. It also usually a smaller plant, has darker leaves than most other marijuana plants and has a very distinct and strong aroma to it.
- I just copped an eigth of some killer bud man.
-- Yeah, what kind is it?
- It's called God Bud, shit completely knocks you out.
by Kidd Flow March 16, 2005

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