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A man who tries way too hard to feel better about having a small penis. Usually seen trying to impress women with cars, cash, clothes, or a macho attitude. This showing off helps them to think that people dont know about the small johnson. Most often, over compensators have no actual personality or character. Usually loners that hide the fact that they really want to kill themselves because of their tiny penises.
Tom Brady is a totally perfect example of an over compensator.
by KickdinthaBag October 05, 2010
A term for someone who wrongly believes that they are the toughest person on the planet. Usually seen wearing TapouT apparel and driving oversized pickup trucks with loud exhaust and underglows. Most likely either a very short guy that has an inferiority complex or a latent homosexual. Usually seen only in the company of other captain hard-asses
Did you see that jacked up truck with that scrawny guy driving it?
Yeah, captain hard-ass was behind the wheel wearing his TapouT shirt.
by KickdinthaBag October 05, 2010
A person who constantly does dumb shit. Someone with a completely obvious lack of common sense whose actions constantly prove this. Somebody that could fuck up a wet dream.
person 1: Did you hear that Keith is marrying someone who is only with him for the money
person 2: Yeah, he even told me that she only wants him for his cash
person 1: He's still gonna marry her even though he knows? What a shit loon.
by KickdinthaBag October 05, 2010

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