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An individual who collects underwear from ex-girlfriends, one night stands and the such.
"Hey Allison. Did you ever find your underwear?"

"No. I think Tim's a panty bandit."

"You should really call the Panty Bandit Denaturalization Commitee. They really are world class in bringing lost panties back to their rightful owners."
by Kevin20012001 May 29, 2006
A female who secretes large amounts of fluid from the vagina during sexual arrousal, and repeatedly leaves this fluid behind on car seats, couches, bar stools, etc.
"Hey, Tim. I hear you hooked up with Amy last night."

"Na bro. All I got to do was fingerblast her in the front seat of my car. She had to go to church in the morning. But man does she get wet. When she got up, the seat was soaked."

"Yeah, man. She's a real wet bandit."
by Kevin20012001 May 29, 2006
Drunk beyond all responsibility.
"Dude, last night you slapped my mom's ass, tried making out with timmy's girlfriend, took a piss on that plant over in the corner, and almost lit Melanie on fire."

"Yo, man. I was fucking birthday drunk. You can't blame me for that shit."
by Kevin20012001 January 14, 2007
Essentially meaning the same thing as "word to your mother." It suggests that the individual is telling the complete truth. Mostly used when "word to your mother" just wont cut it.
Setting: Spades Game

"I got like 8 books"
"You're crazy"
"Word to everything I ain't crazy, and word to everything I got 8 books."
by Kevin20012001 October 22, 2006
The layer of crust left from a yeast infection in the crocth of a dirty pair of panties.
"Man, Sheila. This yeast infection is so horrible. I've got so many panty cakes in my underwear I should open up a bakery."

"That sucks."
by Kevin20012001 May 29, 2006
sweat that is secreted during the course of wii play.
Man! I'm swiiting my ass off with this boxing game.
by Kevin20012001 January 14, 2007

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