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Don't need an example. Nothing compares to Rio.
by Kevin Lopes April 06, 2005
Who the fuck calls himself "san deagan" and thinks he can talk shit on Brasil? You don't need no HIV test, you need a girlfriend, a slut, your hand, something to make you like girls. FAG!
Fuck 619! Fuck San Diego! Fuck it right in the ass!
by Kevin Lopes April 06, 2005
Someone who has just started on the sitting hierarchy. These individuals have no seating privileges, except on the floor, hence the name. The hierarchy goes as follows: Jeffro, floorer, benchwarmer, scoocher, bencher, ultimate bencher.
While Luis is an ultimate bencher, Courtney prefers the solitude of the ground, so she stays a floorer
by Kevin Lopes March 28, 2006
A hellhole full of pussies, bitches, and assholes. The teachers suck, the food sucks, the lockers suck, and the government should nuke the place. And melt the ashes. And shoot the melted ashes to Mars. Then nuke Mars.
Did you hear? they blew up Los. HOORAY!
by Kevin Lopes April 06, 2005
A person who sits on the bench of their hang-out spot. In order to be a bencher, you must hang out within close proximity of a bench. A bencher is the top of the hierarchy of a hangout spot. This was started in Los Amigos High School. Also see "floorer", "scoocher".
After years of being on the Senior Stage at LAHS, Chris is a full-fledged bencher and has his own seat which is never touched.
by Kevin Lopes March 28, 2006
A little pussy bitch who thinks he's the shit and can get with any girl, even thoug hall he gets is pity hugs. He can rot in hell.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Dustin just got rejected again! I can't believe that Michael didn't want him!
by Kevin Lopes April 06, 2005
The ultimate bencher at Los Amigos. People that converge on the Senior stage have literally bowed down to him. He is a prime example of an idol, and his place on the bench has been engraved in time. In due time, his monument will watch over his seat with a built in AK-47 to ward off trespassers.
I've been on this bench so long, even though I'll never be an Applehead.
by Kevin Lopes April 23, 2006

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