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438 definitions by Kevin

lazy, annoying, losers.
i dont want to work, i want to get high, but it's the governments fault i dont have a job.
by kevin February 16, 2004
sarah's pimpin nickname
me:wat up orange peel
sarah: nothin home slice
by Kevin February 05, 2005
the foam that piss makes in tha can.
you can tell that he didn't flush. the spooma is still there.
by kevin March 06, 2005
the word you call your little siblings when your really angry
shut up you "dixon"
by Kevin December 09, 2003
A decent, but overly hyped NFL team. Their fans tend to be assholes that think they whooped the Panther's asses in the Superbowl. However, it was only luck that they got the ball last. Whoever would have had the ball last would have surely won. Panthers put up on hellofafight.
Patriots = teh ghey
by Kevin February 09, 2004
the reason why he smiles everyday is because he keeps on shovn his pin up his dad's ass all morning and nite
he thinks that he is sexy with that red spiked hair yet is a bloody fuckin ugly homo poof
look at that ugly ragedy homo poof of franky vong
by kevin December 12, 2004
obsessive kid who will never let something go
cries on the phone when talking to girls
very feminine
a stalker
a letter written by a man in a feminine context
omg dude look this guy just wrote a rezo
by kevin January 03, 2004