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WTFNSMB - What The Fuck Nigga Stole My Bike
Coming from, geek mmorpg "WTF" - what the fuck, and also famous "NSMB" - niga stole my bike, plainly smashed together. Used mostly for screwing out people who use acronyms too much.
P1: wtf omg n00b l33t hax0rz roflmao
P2: eh wtfnsmb?
P1: what !?!?!?!??!!?!??!?!!11oneoneeleven
P2: what the fuck nigga stole my bike !!!!hundredandeleven
by Keniz April 07, 2008
Penis, usually associated with words like veiny, pulsating, meaty and throbbing, used to describe the size and detailed essence of a large penis. Originally was used to describe a famous horse, Sampson.
Sampson has a veiny, throbbing, meaty, pulsating goodness.
by Keniz November 06, 2006
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