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Idiom verb To have a bowel movement in an inappropriate location.

Origin: the term originates with pretend-journalist Chuck C. Johnson, known primarily for (1) threatening to sue people for libel, (2) being accused of shitting on the floor, (3) threatening to sue people for libel for referring to him shitting on the floor.
"Taco Bell?"
"No way, man. I'm working a shift tonight and I don't want to sue for libel in the breakroom."

"Dude, call that hot girl from the club!"
"I can't. I got really drunk and when we went back to her place I sued for libel all over her leather couch!"
"Man, you should really consider seeking medical attention about that."
by Ken the Popehat Blogger December 12, 2014
People who, whether out of mental/social dysfunction or excessive movie/book/game fandom, like to pretend (in a non-ironic manner) that they are vampires. Includes Anne Rice fans, fans of books about sparkly vampires, certain substrata of goths, and the sort of really strange people who post on I'm-a-vampire internet boards.
"Let's go to the movies."

"Oh, not tonight. That new vampire movie is out, and the place will be choked with the Poseferatu. I don't want some fat guy in a cape getting pancake makeup on my jacket."
by Ken the Popehat Blogger June 22, 2009

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