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3 definitions by Ken Singelby

28 inch rims (refering to the 28 days in the month)
I just threw some feburaries on my Escalade
by Ken Singelby March 31, 2007
After sexing a woman, hold a small chinese man up over her chest and have him take a fresh hot dump from 3 feet above her body.
She had never heard of the Chinese Air Mail manuever, so I called my boy Ching Ling and together we conquered that bitch.
by Ken Singelby March 31, 2007
When someone you are not attracted to tries to un-button your pants against your will with intentions of seeing some cock. May involve large amounts of alcohol.
Person #1 "Wanna go have some funsies?"
Person #2 "Whats funsies?"

Person #1 Goes for zipper
Person #2 "WTF?!!?!?" Runs away
by Ken Singelby February 12, 2007