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(verb) Palance is a Trinidadian dialect term which means 'to party and have fun'. It is closely related to the term 'lime' but, unlike a lime which involves hanging out with friends, palancing involves having extreme fun (most typically in a party setting) and can be done on one's own, or with friends as well.

The term, though gaining major popularity during the 2010 Carnival due to the song of the same name (by JW and Blaze), has been around for a long time. The term reportedly was created by the radio DJs JW and Blaze a few years ago and used on their radio programmes. JW has said that the term originated based partially on use/meaning of the word parlance.
1. Las night we rel palance in de party!

2. I feel I go palance by mehself today, goin an take in a lil fun an ting.

3. Leh we plan a lime nah? We go rel palance wen we limin in she concert.
by Ken Ping May 19, 2010
\k(a)-li-fa\, pronounced kah-LEE-fah (though often said as kah-lee-fuh) is a Somalian name meaning "Holy girl". Kalifa is a humble loving person who loves to love and be loved by others. Pleasing God is also of utmost importance to the Kalifa.
That girl looks like a Kalifa, she is very sweet.
by Ken Ping May 19, 2010
A 'Black name' refers to any name that appears to be stereotypical of the African-American ethnic group. Often, these names have word endings such as 'iqua', 'quiesha' or may be reflective of a something considered luxurious, such as "Mac Benz".
1. Lucquiesha (Black name) gurl, we gon go to tha mawl today.

2. Big Daddy gon show Yung Gucci(Black name) tha door today chile, he ain't tha man for you boo.
by Ken Ping May 22, 2010
"Fassbook" is a common name, used in Trinidad and Tobago, for the social networking site "Facebook". The word stems from a merging of the words "Fass" and "Facebook". A fass person is a very inquisitive or curious person(also known in Trinidad as a 'maco' or a 'macocious person').

The term was created to reflect the fact that Facebook is often used, by very curious individuals (macos), to investigate the personal lives of other people.
1. I find out dat she man leave she, it all over she Fassbook.

2. Look she up on Fassbook, yuh go see how good lookin de gyal is from she profile pic.

3. Sasha is a rel maco hoss, she addin everybody on Fassbook.
by Ken Ping May 19, 2010
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