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"Fassbook" is a common name, used in Trinidad and Tobago, for the social networking site "Facebook". The word stems from a merging of the words "Fass" and "Facebook". A fass person is a very inquisitive or curious person(also known in Trinidad as a 'maco' or a 'macocious person').

The term was created to reflect the fact that Facebook is often used, by very curious individuals (macos), to investigate the personal lives of other people.
1. I find out dat she man leave she, it all over she Fassbook.

2. Look she up on Fassbook, yuh go see how good lookin de gyal is from she profile pic.

3. Sasha is a rel maco hoss, she addin everybody on Fassbook.
by Ken Ping May 19, 2010
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