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the most delicious female on the planet Earth. whom i want to rub cocoa butter all over. she is sexy. and im a girl so thats really saying something.
I tapped Elaine Hale last night boooo yaaaa.
by Kelseyleeg February 12, 2009
Another term for "butt sex," or taking a hard one up the rear. A pleasurable experience for both male companions. And...ROUGH.
Last night, I was having a givy with this man and my ass couldn't handle his huge cock.
by Kelseyleeg February 25, 2009
another name for a tiny penis. a man without an abnormally small dick. an embarrassingly, sometimes microscopic cock.
Girl: My boyfriend has a hewgley and it's such a turn off!
by Kelseyleeg February 26, 2009
A really hard boner that results from getting hugs from grandmas. Sometimes can be fatal.
This old lady came up to me in the mall and I totally got a Biz! It was so intense!
by Kelseyleeg February 25, 2009
A name for a fungus on your vagina.
HOLY SHIT! I have this huge Pendergrass down there! it itches.... Maybe I should get some ointment for this...
by Kelseyleeg February 25, 2009

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