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A word used to shame boyfriends, husbands and sons into picking up their underwear and placing it in the laundry rather than leaving it on the floor. Also used to tease teenagers into hiking up their drawers to avoid showing their man panties to the world. It is generally highly offensive to those who are targeted -- which is really the point.
Please pick up your man panties from the bathroom floor before I run them up the flagpole for all to see.

Please pull up your pants so that we are not all treated to a study of your man panties.
by Kelly-TBCRI September 13, 2009
an act or acts that defines one as a douchebag for life can be described as doucherific. If there are three acts, it can be said to be a doucherific trifecta. Phrase coined by writer Pete Kotz.
Ballenger was charged with battery and sexual battery. He apparently didn't learn from the beatdown, since he was further charged with assaulting an officer, threatening an officer, and threatening an officer's family, a doucherific trifecta.
by Kelly-TBCRI February 06, 2010
Getting ones knickers in a twist for reasons that are not consistent over time. This applies especially to politicians engaged in spin control and selective outrage over the actions of others.
Jon Stewart used my new favorite phrase, selective undergarment bunching or SUB, to describe the reaction of some politcos on last night's show.
by Kelly-TBCRI January 28, 2014
The practice of knitting many projects at the same time.
I have four different pairs of socks on the needles right now as well as a sweater and a hat. Just so you know, I am polygiknittous.
by Kelly-TBCRI July 12, 2013
The act of going to a singles bar (aka "meat market") to hook up with a random person and returning home for sexual intercourse.
I went to a sings bar to pick a date. Then, I took them home to poke them. I have performed a Pick & Poke.
by Kelly-TBCRI September 14, 2011
butt cleavage - cleavage from the land down under
People of Wal-Mart is riddled with people with serious, world class australian cleavage
by Kelly-TBCRI December 02, 2010
An alternative name for briefcase. So called because so many men don't leave home without it. If you carry it everywhere rather than simply to the office and back home, it is not a briefcase but rather a man purse.
Sam could not stop himself from bringing his man purse on vacation.
by Kelly-TBCRI September 13, 2009

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