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spouse in homosexual marriage
Nathan is Jason's sodomate
by keith hubbell September 18, 2006
An admonition to get an idea of the dire hopelessness of the situation.
Your girlfriend told the cops about your heroin stash so wake up and smell the coffin.
by keith hubbell November 06, 2006
to vomit in the street
If you drink too much cheap wine you will park your buick later.
by keith hubbell November 13, 2005
variation of "stay the course" Refusing to deviate from a failed policy.
Even though the situation has degenerated into a full blown civil war, the President insists we must stay the corpse in Iraq.
by keith hubbell November 09, 2006
A law enforcement or Police helicopter
The crowd at the outdoor concert was illuminated by the spotlight from the Keystone Copter as other deputies approached by car.
by Keith Hubbell December 05, 2006

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