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The meaning 'sodomite' is a little old fashioned. More typically it's used as a softer form of 'fool', 'idiot', or 'bastard'.
He's a daft old sod, but you've got to love him.
by Keith Gaughan September 03, 2003
In Ireland, somebody from Dublin.
by Keith Gaughan July 24, 2003
Ireland To behave in a foolish, childish, or annoying manner.
Settle down and don't act the maggot!
by Keith Gaughan April 09, 2006
In Ireland, somebody from outside of Dublin. See Culchie.
Those feckin' boggers can't hold their drink!
by Keith Gaughan July 24, 2003
Somebody from the country. See Culchie. Used by Jackeens as an insult.
You're nothin' but a thick-as-shite bog warrior!
by Keith Gaughan November 13, 2003
Rather hard shit.
I must eat more Weetabix: I was shitting arsebiscuits this morning.
by Keith Gaughan August 20, 2003

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