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1. the epitomy of perfection

2. the creator of dorsch-bag

3. the dorsch in the mighty dorsch and the raptors
1. Look at that dorsch
by Keith D March 05, 2008
1. pain in the asshole who asks "do you want this cock?" while you are sleeping

2. the one-balled wonder

3. anthony of the one balls
1. uno ballo stuck it in me

by Keith D March 05, 2008
1. scary child from The Orphange

2. enemy of the Weiji

3. any person with or in need of a sack over their head
1. That stupid sack fotch scared the super christ jesus star outta me!

2. Sack fotch popped out and scared the Weiji

3. Why did you sleep with that sack fotch?
by Keith D March 05, 2008
1. someone who acts kinda like a douche but is funny

2. a sarcastic son of a bitch

3. gypsy
1. That was a dorsch bag move

2. You're a sack fotching dorsch bag

3. gypsy
by Keith D March 05, 2008
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