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2 definitions by Kei Neoblood

To the best of my knowledge, this words original meaning is to "be different or to have different beliefs". A common misunderstanding is that anyone who is a heretic is more than likely a satanist and enemy of God. This is not always true. For me, it just means "Different".
I do not believe what everyone else believes about something, I am a heretic.
OR...(my opinion)
There is no true thing as a heretic, for God made everyone the way they are supposed to be....
by Kei Neoblood December 29, 2005
A game where people turn into animals and fight. In magazines this game gets a low rating but you should try it yourself to see if you like it.
I own all of the Bloody Roar series.
by Kei Neoblood January 18, 2005