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The best fighting game ever made where the characters have the ability to transform in animals and tear each other apart. Whereas this particular group of people is known as 'Zoanthropes.' There are currently five games in the series so far...
Bloody Roar is the most original fighting game ever made.
#zoanthrope #xanthrope #beast #animal #tabula
by reiji_fangirl May 09, 2006
A game where people turn into animals and fight. In magazines this game gets a low rating but you should try it yourself to see if you like it.
I own all of the Bloody Roar series.
by Kei Neoblood January 18, 2005
The best series of games ever made. It's a kikass plot and an original idea for once. GOOOOO Hudson!!!
Bakuryu the mole: you're too weak to defeat me
by me February 08, 2005
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