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Keep the Reason is the motto of the atheist, rationalist, and Reasonist. Like the theist will say, "Keep the Faith!" the Reasonist says, "Keep the Reason!" because reason is how we understand the world and our universe.
Theist: Hey, keep the faith, friend.
Reasonist: Thanks, but I'd rather Keep the Reason!
by Keep The Reason January 04, 2012
A fallacious argument that comes out of nowhere, is totally absurd, and the conclusion has nothing to do with the premise being proposed. Most often used religiously.
1. Jesus is the son of god
2. Therefore god exists and defines all things
3. Science is parallel to religion and has no conflict.

This is an "Argumentum Left Fieldiest".
by Keep The Reason November 28, 2011
An absolutely idiotic, half-baked, utterly stupid and often hypocritical argument that makes you look like a meathead.
"I think the death penalty is good, even if it does kill innocent people now and again. I think anyone who kills an innocent person is a murderer and deserves the death penalty."

It doesn't get any more imbecilicus argumenticus than that.
by Keep The Reason May 17, 2012
Invoking the shortcut clause indicates you never wish to discuss a specifically distasteful topic again. It's entymology can be found in a "Simpsons" episode (www.tv.com/the-simpsons/itchy-and-scratchy-land/episode/1392/trivia.html) wherein the family takes a shortcut and a smash-cut brings us back to them, in disarray, with Homer intoning ominously, "Let us never speak of the shortcut again".

You would not use the shortcut clause to avoid talking about something good, only something too horrible or traumatic to want to relive in any manner.
She: How was your date with my sister?

He: I claim the shortcut clause.
by Keep The Reason March 04, 2009

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