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3 definitions by KcbWords

To enjoy something in a large amount. Similar to/can be substituted in place of these words: Great, Orgasmic, Awesome, Tasty and Super.
Guy one: Hey, how was that new restaurant you went to the other night?

Guy two: Dude I kid you not, it was nomerific!
by KcbWords October 16, 2009
16 5
Taking a dump while tweeting that I am taking a dump.
Hey guys! I need to take a TweetDump.. You'll want to hear about it?
by KcbWords March 02, 2010
7 0
Is another way of saying 'fucking around' or 'messing around'.
Jared! Stop shalangaling and get on xbox live!
by KcbWords December 31, 2009
4 2