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61 definitions by Kc

ramen is a brick of hard noodles, Boil em in boiling water and they become noodles, then stir in the seasoning packet! I'm eating Ramen right now! IT'S THE BEST!
I ate ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. :)
by KC January 13, 2004
16 19
This word began in Loves Park IL. It is a diss, typically combined of the words dork and bitch it is a very good word and can be used in many situations!!
"Check it, that skibber rolln in her thinkn shes so cool, stick ur goddamn nose back in a book"

"What a skibber!! She just STOLE my boyfriend!!"
by KC August 02, 2004
1 5
At our school they mean:

Black- sex
Blue- finger
Red- blowjob/handjob
Pink- kiss
Yellow- 69
Orange- eat out
Clear- snappers choice
White- anal
Green- horny
Purple- oral
If I guys snap the pink one off of a girl, they would have to kiss.
by KC February 29, 2004
10 15
girl that two guyz bukaked on
Radlex loved being bukaked on
by KC September 14, 2003
5 11
Asian kid who thinks he's white
Check out that twinkie sportin the abercrombie
by KC April 11, 2003
43 49
(m) see 'meatpie'

An asian girl who think she's black. Yellow on the outside and black on the inside. She wears the typical hoop earrings, puffy bubble black or white North Face Jacket, baggy t-shirt and tight jeans. Also wears 5 inch thick shoes or girly colored sneakers. Can sometimes be seen wearing JLo, Ecko, or Triple 5 Soul.
Most likely carries a Manhattan portage or Nike drawstring bag. Or a Polo Sport hand bag.
Loves Japanese cartoons i.e. Hello Kitty
by KC February 07, 2003
27 33
When sum1 smells n they r disgusting n they make u feel sick!
Get up u fag butt!
Fuk u bumskank
by Kc January 21, 2004
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