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a word meaning no.
Person 1: is the sky green?
Person 2: nuh-uh.
by Kayla Pape October 15, 2003
A computer game having the same rules as Dungeons and Dragons. Can be played online and is great for roleplaying, and it happens to be the best game in existance and everyone should have it.
I'm going to play Neverwinter Nights!
by Kayla Pape October 17, 2003
a term used in frustration, basically meaning "Stupid peice of crap!"
"I dropped my pizza! Fricken A!!
by Kayla Pape October 03, 2003
Styling; looking chic, possibly gaudy ina positive way.
Shilo: Look at these sparkly shoes!
Kate: Wow! those are spiffin'!
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
Shilo Rules. Helps me define urban words. Go Shilo.
Person A: Look, It's Shilo.
Person B. Shilo Rules.
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
1.) Any of various plants of the genus Aster in the composite family, having radiate flower heads with white, pink, or violet rays and a usually yellow disk.

2.) The China aster.

3.) Biology. A star-shaped structure formed in the cytoplasm of a cell and having raylike fibers that surround the centrosome during mitosis.
by Kayla Pape October 17, 2003
A term of frustration and a bit of annoyance, most commonly used in a You-just-sat-down-but-now-you-have-to-get-up-again sort of situation.
Person 1:yes! I finished my math homework!
Person 2: No... you still have three more questions...
Person 1: I do? Gwarg....
by Kayla Pape October 14, 2003
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