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4 definitions by Kaydea

to put someone on the spot.
Theodore really put her on the Hot Seat
by Kaydea June 06, 2007
The English version of the American "chips"
Crisps make my mouth water.
by Kaydea June 06, 2007
A really rad website based originally off of Myspace. From when it started it has come along way. It's owned by Justin, (who counts as a celeb, sense you'll see he's the owner as soon as you join), Justin, unlike Tom actually talks to you.
Mycrib may get you a while to get used to.
UpSides: more pictures, better layout system, better 'blog' system, easier to make real friends, less people, less pervs.
downsides: you get a lot of friends even if you don't want them.
mycrib person1:Did apple add you on mycrib yet?
mycrib person2:Naw, but some Mikey guy did, oh and that Jason guy too.
by Kaydea June 06, 2007
1.)British version of the American cigarette.
Is smoked and contains nicotene and of course, tobacco.
Highly addictive.
2.)Offensive word for a gay person. Is not proved to be offensive, but can be for some.
1.)Mikey lit up his fag as he instant messaged his friends.
2.)Eric looked at the kid across the street and snarled as he called him a fag.
by Kaydea June 06, 2007