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2 definitions by Kayada13

Rat-faced, terrible singer, incredibly fake.
Taylor Swift.
by kayada13 March 30, 2010
A crappy actress on the show The Suite Life On Deck. Although she is very untalented, she likes to pretend she is, she is currently trying to get a "singing" career going on according to my siblings. When will Disney learn that just because they have a new person acting on the Disney channel that they might not be talented at singing?
Disney producer #1: I have an idea!! Let's get a bunch of 16 year old girls who have no acting or singing talent what-so-ever and put them on a show and then get them a singing career!!!
Disney producer 2: That's a wonderful idea!! We'll make millions off of the teeny boppers (or should I say their parents?) who have no lives, taste, or sense of good music!! Let's get Debbie Ryan!
by Kayada13 March 30, 2010