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The best restaurant to get pizza...ever.
Round Table makes the best black olive and green pepper pizza, yum. :p
by Katopolis February 03, 2005
The Time Devourer came from the game prior to Chrono Cross, which is Chrono Trigger. In CT, the main villians were the Lavos species. Even after their destruction, their Mammoth Machine still survived after the battle, and is still located in the year 2400AD, and is in the process of destroying all time and existence, hence it's name. Trapped inside is the young Princess Schala, who's life is in danger. In CC, at the end, you must destroy the Time Devourer without killing Schala as well by playing the "Song of Life," which is playing the element colors in order, then using the "Chrono Cross" element.
The Time Devourer is my favorite boss battle from the video game Chrono Cross.
by Katopolis February 04, 2005
Sorry you all feel that way, but I like my name and defs, and there isn't anything you can do about it.
Whiny crying little children.
by Katopolis April 01, 2005
The city in which the character Lynx from the video game Chrono Cross originated from. Chronopolis was originally from the year 2300AD, but was somehow sucked into a time portal and sent to 1000AD. It also has one of the best theme songs in the game.
Chronopolis is better than Dinopolis (Terra Tower).
by Katopolis January 28, 2005
Something that commonly contains many other aim names, but are also commonly rarely talked to.
Person: I have 126 names in my aim buddy list, but only chat with 5 of them on a regular basis. The rest, however, barely if ever.
by Katopolis December 22, 2004
Black Kat's alter-ego. Aka, me. :D
Good thing I'm bored with this name, too. :p Good thing I've been using my newest name more.
by Katopolis March 14, 2005
The television station that is 100% opinionated when it comes to "facts" they talk about on tv, when really it's all what the producers think.
"Awesomely Bad Videos," "Awesomely Bad Love Songs," etc...
by Katopolis February 14, 2005

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