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A person who is gorgeous, funny and smart
Brad: " Logan is expecting way to much in a girl!"
Jim: "Why doesn't he go for an Alexis Malo"
by KatieJames June 19, 2009
This is a sexy brand of vitamins that will forever kill youXP
Alexis "Hey let's get some vitamins!"
Kirsten"How about Jamieson Vitamins ?"
Jamieson"Vitamins aren't healthy:P"
by KatieJames June 19, 2009
A really random name for a type of basketball throw. A Jamieson is when you Throw a ball really hard at the basket and it goes in.
Kyle: (throws really hard at the basketball net)
Nick: " Wow nice Jamieson"
by KatieJames June 19, 2009

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