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term used to motivate drunk girls into behaving properly when at a party. things that would deem a girl unclassy include hooking up with multiple guys in a night, stumbling or falling down, vommiting anywhere other than in a toilet, or losing items of clothing throughout the night.
Friend #1: Katie, keep it classy!
Friend #2: Don't worry, Katie, this only my third time making out tonight, and the first shouldn't count cuz it was a girl!
by Katie-squared May 03, 2007
A defiant reply to a friend's encouragement to stop hooking up with a guy. Used as a contradiction to the phrase "Remember the Titans" which is used to remind friends of past mistakes.
Friend #1: Katie, Remember the Titans!
Friend #2: Fuck the Titans, he's too hot to pass up!
by Katie-squared May 03, 2007

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