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(n.) methamphetamine
(v.) the act of consuming methamphetamines
'Where might I find some tweak'
'He was totally tweaking'
by Kathy McGinty February 17, 2003
(n.) Derogatory One who is from Riverside.

Often used by Newport Beach locals to describe hayseeds who have come from the 909 area code trying to approximate the chichi beach lifestyle.

Women - wears plastic shoes, sequined dresses in the daytime and dragon-lady nails.

Men- Wear oxfords, Sears ties and bad Rolex watches that don't fit.

Also, look for anyone who asks what happy-hour prices are. Faux Chanel is the biggest giveaway.
"The bar at Twin Palms was full of 909ers"
by Kathy McGinty February 17, 2003
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