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The term made famous by the film Mean Girls
Means too cum on a vag.
'Is your muffin buttered?'
'Would you like me too assign someone butter your muffin?'
by Katehhh March 07, 2008
A terrible, terrible word.
Used by chavs world wide, Mostly girls who also put two i's in every sentance.
Meaning 'You'.
But no one uses unless they suck.
Chav: HiiYAZ, Howz yhoo?
Me: Shup, you tard.
by Katehhh March 06, 2008
One of the most awesome smileys ever made.
Unfortunately most noobs have taken it apon themselfs too use it after every bloody sentence.
It symbolises laughing or a happy face.
Also when written as XD it means that they are laughing hysterically.
Mate: So anyway it was bloody funny.
Me: I'm sure it was xD

Me: So how are you?
Noob: XD
Me: .. Are you going too say or what?
Noob: XD
Me: What the hell...
Noob: XD
by Katehhh March 13, 2008
A lame excuse for a teenager.
Usually sporting every single bit of Nike they can find and the whitest trainers you have ever seen.
The usual habitat for a chav is either McDonalds or outside the Co-op.
And looking 'hard' on their BMX's.
Seem too refer too everyone as 'mate' even though they are having a go at them.

Mostly they think they are sex on legs, but everyone knows we just laugh about them behind their backs.
Normal: ... Hi?
Normal: .. No -Thinking- Why is this randomer having a go?
Chav: -Lights 'Fag'- I AIN'T EVEN BOTHERED MATE.
Normal: Ok then.. O.O
by Katehhh March 06, 2008

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