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2 definitions by Kate from the Ville

Beyond the known, expected or predictable.
Budget-setting: "Aw, c'mon, stick to the facts, man. That's an outside guess."
Re an oddball- & yeah, I've heard it more than said it: "THAT thinkin's a little outside,eh?"
Re acts-a-Gawd: Wow! See that one!? That came from outside, dinnit!"
by Kate from the Ville April 22, 2005
Means definitely OFF in some fashion, & probably off yr. rocker.
Think it's Rom, from down the Lake in Nonantum, Newton, Massachusetts.
"Divya moosh" means "crrazy guy"
Whaddya, you divvya!? You quit that job?
by Kate from the Ville March 21, 2005