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20 definitions by KasH

Stands for cool, yo. Used by earwizo and other super coo' people.
We be coo' yo!
by kash December 24, 2003
Someone who is a boga
Maaaan ............ He's one boga
by KasH October 25, 2003
i put toast in the nuculator and it blew up.
by kash December 07, 2003
tangun ky durmyan jugha juu khubhi khubhi phut bhe jati hyy
hyy mery chut phut gyee!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kash November 08, 2003
cigarrettes (usually Kools) that are dipped in PCP for recreational use.
Yo, masta blasta, I need some cools.
by Kash April 07, 2003