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1. An extremely cool guy, supposedly came from dula
2. Someone who is extremely intelligent but at the same time very cool
Is he worthy of Kash?
Na, not yet, give or take a few more years
I wish I was Kashy
Yeah, wish is the right word!
by kash March 22, 2005
just a way to explain how a female moves when she's bouncing or poppin tha booty
shake that aSs like a salt shaker
by KAsh January 21, 2004
Wearing all Abercrombie. Used to describe someone, usually a prep who wears only Abercrombie or one of it's clones.
Dear god, Jess is Abercrombified. Just look at her...
by kash December 07, 2003
1.A bengali expression for someone who is lacking sufficient knowlage

2. A bengali expression for "Dick Head"
He's One Boga
He's One Boga
by KasH September 20, 2003
Homestar runner is the main character of homestarrunner.com, he looks like a guy without arms who is white all over, wearing a red shirt with a star on it and a helicopter hat,he also has a serious speech impediment, he is stupid, but his stupidity often works well for him, he has a rival strongbad and a girlfriend marzipan he lives in free town- USA near prance, he is one of the coolest characters on the site aswell and his site is hilarious.
Homestar:Now class, i will show you how to make a wet computer out of strongbads computer, first, take some mountain dew, then apply liberally....

He pours mountain dew over strongbads computer

After a little wait

Woah this sodas like never ending
(singing)neeveer ending soodaa
by Kash August 20, 2004
Cigarrette that has the tobacco carefully removed and then repacked with crushed crack or crystal meth for recreational use.
I smoked a coco puff and the room started spinning.
by Kash April 07, 2003
An individual who believes he has mastered the secrets behind computer technology and hacking. Basically an ub3r geek.
That guy is so Ob3r geex0r!!
by kash October 24, 2003
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