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oh shit
Aw snap, kandis got a job
by Kandis June 19, 2003
Chips made by a buffalow.
I was lost in a meadow and starving when a buffalow came up to me and made me some chips.
by Kandis June 20, 2004
A hole where people grow pot.
I'm gonna go out to the Pot Hole so we can get to toakin' the roach.
by Kandis June 20, 2004
I love billie joe!! BILLIE JOE IS FUCKING GORGEOUS!! he's the best thing God's created!! i nilly got 2 TOUCH HIM!!! but the stupid security chick usherd us all away, dumb bitch. Billie Joe is a crack up, he made us all laugh so hard. I WANT HIM!! he inspired me to go punk :P
there is no word(s) that can define, even close to how hot, tallented, GOD DAMN SEXY and fuckable he is!!!
by kandis April 04, 2005

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