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(adj.) Of or relating to a dumpus or a dumpus-like action.
"Jim, you dumpusositous fuck, the lightbulb screws in CLOCKWISE!"
by KaiserMonkey August 27, 2003
The worst movie in the history of the universe. I would not see this movie if you paid me $1,000,000 AND gave me a monkey. When I saw this movie I was praying to see That Darn Cat.
"Kangaroo Jack took up an hour and a half of my life, and I want it back."
by KaiserMonkey August 23, 2003
(1) To take a shit.
(2) Pet name used for small dogs such as poodles.
(1) "I just made poopie on the congressman's car!"
(2) "Who's my wittle poopie doopy?"
by KaiserMonkey August 19, 2003
Extreme anger or disappointment. Kind of like "Oh, SHIT!" but worse.
CASSIE. It's a sin to lose a crystal. It's like killing your own dog.
COOKIE. Oh, fuck a duck!
by KaiserMonkey September 18, 2003
To fuck someone up their nose.
"I gave my girl some mighty nasal last night, and now she's all stopped up."
by KaiserMonkey August 21, 2003
Slang for "moving picture". The best ones include Dumb and Dumber, Happy Gilmore, Liar Liar, Monty Python, and Airplane! The worst ones include Signs, That Darn Cat, Kangaroo Jack, The Ring, and Camp Nowhere.
"The victim is reported to have watched That Darn Cat, Kangaroo Jack, and Camp Nowhere all in one night, then drove to the nearest bridge and hurled themselves off."
by KaiserMonkey August 27, 2003
Suck ass band. All you people who say blink-182 sucks don't know what ur missing.
Yesterday I went to a Box Car Racer concert. Today I killed myself.
by KaiserMonkey September 06, 2003

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