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I dont think anyone so far has really embraced the true meaning of the preppy lifestyle....ok you can name all the places we shop at and vaction places we go to and say we pop our collars and go to prep-school but HELLO everyone knows that. The real prep has read their mothers copy of the official preppy handbook and nodded there head in aproval as they saw that they were doing everything right, hangs out with friends everyday after there homework is done and though it seems weird never really watches T.V. though they may occasionally watch laguna beach while laughing at kristin and how they try to be prep but arent and the OC.....being a prep is of course a life style that cannot be gained through trying to immulate it becuase no matter how hard you try well it cost alot and unless you have the money its hard to do. Being a prep is an instinct once you are born you have the urge to put cableknit sweaters around your shoulders and this unatural liking for the color pink and the need for little green throw pillows to line your bed while loving the way your new visor looks as you watch your parents play tennis against each other or are engaging in a game your self.

The first part of being a prep is having friends preps normally sub-divide from one big clique into gruops of four and five (being a real prep dosent really start till upper school or high school for public school students) and think of each other as sisters and tell each other everything, there is almost always a sense of competition who has the best grades being the top seeing as how clothes arent flashy and money isnt thrown about on stupid stuff just to say they have it there is no competition in those feilds(only the fake A&F wannabees do that type of thing) the group is normally white and contains one or two blacks (normally only one) who just like the white preps dress classy and do VERY well in school they may also date white preps and the others wont take offense to it, public school preps (i met one at murrys.... real preps know what that is) are also the same as there prep school relatives and from what she said are not popular but well know in High school for the way they dress how they talk and the high academic performances they give she even admitted that the fakeies (areo,a&F,AE,Holl.) as she kindley called them laughed at them for how they dressed but says she is not embaressed about going to school in an oxford an sweaters along with brooks brothers socks and clogs from BS and of course silver and pearls from tiffany's which of course every real prep has (no real prep has fake pearls.... all jewlry comes from tiff's trust me) also being apart of a country club is a must or she said that as a public school preps she just opps to take classes with her other preppy friends which I guess is just as good. also one thing you must have is a monogrammed oxford (or do like me and get all of them monogramed if it hasnt been already from an older relative) tote bag (purses are so fake-prep) sweater,polos and silver necklaces from tiff's (the one that looks like it belongs in the return to tiff's collection but is used to monogram) also being a prep you never go to the mall instead opting to drive downtown (ex..Georgetown which is awsome ..o and only if you have a car) or you take the train (go early so no one can try to take your stuff) and of course you always go with the gang you do everything your parents ask of you though of course sometimes you object .....another thing being preppy means being really nice and not showing off your preppiness and just plain and simple being well groomed meaning your meantal and physical selves aswell ..and im not gonna lie most of us do work out and are normally very small around the waist and are medium around the chest hair is always past the shoulders though some do have short hair and your an all-round nice person as i stated before its a really fabulous lifestyle when lived ot the fullest im sure everyone could agree with me on that(you know if your a real prep and such) and that our main foucus is to carry on our fabulous line like true preps we dont have to trry out for cheerleading to get noticed becuase we already stand out o and you cant forget the cute nicknames and ribbon belts which NEVER go out of style.
Muffy:Hey missy look at shannon she thinks she is so preppy just becuase she has a new BMW and is walking around in all abercrombie and fitch even shoes,shes even pointing and laughing at us.
Missy: yeah but forget about her lets get to studying for the calc exam o and can i borrow your bradley belt for later
Muffy:sure and yeah we have to get an A
Missy:I love how we look in theses nantucket reds and white lacoste polo and pearls classic and conservative ..nice and preppy
by Kagalissia March 10, 2006
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