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A small woodland creature often covered in fur but sometimes has no fur at all. this creature can jump as high as it wants. if you see a bunny in real life, do not attempt to catch it because it will just hop away and leave you depressed. Some major attacks used by a bunny would be "pounce" or "chomp". It's main weakness is Rockets and Atomic bombs. If you ever go to battle with one of these rodents make sure to be prepared!
Example 1
Steve - what a cute bunny
Bunny - *cluck cluck*
Steve - i guess it's time to find some rockets cause i've just engaged in a hostile situation with this small woodland creature who has fur but sometimes doesn't.
Narator - and so steve and the bunny fight to the death. however the bunny is to swift for such imbocilic tactics and comes out on top. he hops away to eat a carrot. steve remains dead for the rest of eternity.

Example 2
Wendy Chioji - This just in: a bunny has been spotted in the woods! how exciting.
Bob Opsal - Yes it is Wendy, yes it is.
by Kadaken January 10, 2005
A melodic sound released from an instrument known as the anus. It also smells very nice.
Jennifer - What was that beautiful sound you made?
Josh - I just let out a fart in F# major.
Jennifer - I want to do it!
Josh - "Splurrrrrrrrrt" oops, it looks like I just farted out the A scale.
Jennifer - You're so romantic Josh, I love you.
by Kadaken July 18, 2005
A man who turns things in to spaghetti just by touching it.
"The spaghetti man just made the spaghetti fall out of my face"
by Kadaken January 07, 2005
The Doody man is a man who makes a doody and gives it to you on special occasions.
The doody man brought me a doody for my birthday!!
by Kadaken January 07, 2005
1. An elite warrior which is incapable of failure.
2. An indepth religion practiced by Kadaken warriors.
We can't defeat him, he's Kadaken.
by Kadaken July 17, 2005
1 - Rambo is a Tuskan warrior that can destroy an entire planet just using a blade of grass. He was created in the year 2000 in Germany by a couple of people named Cheskvok and Rudo.

2 - To beat the hell out of defenseless marcupials.
1 - I ,Rambo, do not need to eat ever again cause I was created by germans.

2 - come back here you defenseless koala..I'm gonna go Rambo on your ass.
by Kadaken January 09, 2005

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