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(v.) an action where someone is provoked to strike. Someone offends you so you slap-a-bitch. Cap-a-bitch is when you shot the person who provoked you.
Person 1: "She just called you fat!!"
Person 2: "it's time to slap-a-bitch!"
by Ka-Five March 14, 2005
OK so this is how it goes, you fuck her from behind spit on her back to make her think you blew the load, then when she turns around you shot it in her face, you appologize to her and tell her you'll get a towell, but instead you just haul ass outta there.
"Dude i gave that bitch a hudini last night!"
by Ka-Five March 14, 2005
(n.) a sexual maneuver while as the man is doing the girl from behind he grabs her arms and spreads them out wide and flaps them. she makes noises that resemble a pterodactyl.
*man grabs her arms and flaps them*
by Ka-Five March 30, 2005

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