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An individual who lives in Quebec or in other french community in Canada ( And there are a few! Just get off that couch and discover the world you live in, you ignorant!).

The biggest concentration of them are located in Quebec (the province).

Not to be confused with The Brayons, living in the northern part of New-Brunswick (a lot of them will speak a fluent, yet in a funny accent, english. And if you address a citizen in french, they'll respond in a "good enough french", but you oughta know some english!).
New-Brunswick officially declares itself bilingual (french-english). Go figure.

Cajuns people (called "Acadiens", "Cadiens" or "Cayens" in french) also have their own dialect called Chiac (pronounced SHE'ACK (no pause)). It's spoken by most cajuns of southern New-Brunswick, although canjuns' elite tend to snob it and will either use a well-spoken french or english. That's mainly because chiac's known to be of a strong redneck-from-the-far-east french pronunciation plus a few english words. One can use less or more english... it's complex. I personally never lived there to fully grasp it, although my roots are from Quebec's far east.
Members of the band Radio-Radio raps in chiac. check it out on You-Tube.
-Salut, je suis un québécois et, par conséquent, un canadien français. Et toi?
-Hi, I'm a quebecer and consequently a french canadian. What about you?

Some chiac, in 'Cliché Hot' from Radio-Radio :

-1 frippe, 2 frippe, 3e frippe aussi?
-T'as pas besoin d'prescrition, ta première frippe est free!
translates to :

"1 fry, 2 fry, a 3rd fry too?"
"You ain't need a prescription, you're first fry's free!
note that Quebecers say "frite", not "frippe"
by KUTR March 06, 2011

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