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"Under Man" A term used by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to describe the common man. Likened to sheep, the Untermensch is a social animal spouting pacifist and liberal morality. In this way, he can rationalize his subservience to social and political mores. His existence is solely for the purpose of providing statistical "filler".
The God-damned Untermensch are reaching plague proportions again! Anyone for a Fourth Reich?
by KT_Boundary October 13, 2003
One who cares not for the morality of common Untermensch because he introspectively understands what is right and wrong.
Only the Ubermensch are capable of fully understanding Nietzschean philosophy. All others fear it and attempt to discredit it through petty insults and misinterpretation.
by KT_Boundary October 13, 2003
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