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n. like titfucking except there is two males, and one of them is shoving his penis between the other's pectorals
"My two cousins were over last night. One's a dude and the other's a chic."

"Uh-huh... and?"

"My chic cousin has boobs that are so big and perky that I asked her if I could titfuck her... She said no, and that's when my dude cousin came along and asked me if I wanted to pecfuck him."

"And you said yes, didn't you?"
by KP123KP September 17, 2011
n. like a blowjob except that there is more slurping, sucking, and saliva involved.
"Dude, Kelly gave me a slurpjob in the office yesterday."
"Lucky. She only gave me a blowjob."
by KP123KP September 17, 2011
n. the name for a female when she lets a male use her boobs a pillow
"Yo, Jen. I'm gonna take a nap. Take off ya bra and be my booby pillow."
by KP123KP September 23, 2011
n. the term for a male's eyes when they cannot stop staring at a female's boobs
"Look at Sara. She gives me boobly eyes.

"Really? She just gives me a boner."
by KP123KP September 19, 2011
n. a student who strips down by instruction from their teacher, and then uses that student as an example for the rest of the anatomy class
"What's up, broseph?"

"Awesome news! I was the anatomy class example!"

"How is that awesome news?"

"I fucked Mrs. Rudd after class!"
by KP123KP September 18, 2011
v. having sex while you and the other participant(s) are drunk

n. any type of sex in which all the participants are drunk
"Yo, Jim. I was involved in some drunken fuckin' last night."

"I know, Jerry. It was with me. Don't you remember it was margarita night at the office?"

"Not again."
by KP123KP September 18, 2011
n. when a female is "riding" (bouncing on) a male's penis during anal sex, leaving the male doing nothing
"What kind of sex did you and Kelly have in the office yesterday?"

"Anal sex. She did all of the woman's work while I just laid back and did nothing."

"Lucky. When I had sex with her, she put a dildo on, and made me do all of the woman's work."
by KP123KP September 17, 2011

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