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4 definitions by KISE1

Good purple weed with a grapey, fruity pebblish taste i.e GrandDaddyPurple, Purple Urkle, Purple Kush or Mendo Purps. Popular in NorCal, highly sought after everywhere else.
I got that purps! It's time for some tasty taste!
by KISE1 November 18, 2007
In hip hop, it refers to a 16 bar verse, which is the average size verse in a rap song. "Bar" is a musical term, sometimes called a "measure", indicating a section with a defined amount of beats in it.
Yo dawg! I'm finna drop these sixteens right about now, get that mic ready!
by KISE1 November 18, 2007
Slang for toilet paper
President, Judge, Congressman or Senator: Hey, I have to take a dump. Is there any US Constitution left, so I can wipe my ass when I'm done?
by KISE1 November 18, 2007
Someone who just can't get food to come out right
Wife: this rice is a little crunchy, but it should taste alright.
Husband: Damn! You're a kitchen terrorist, you just commited a jihad on my food.
by KISE1 November 15, 2007