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Buffer Face is the funny awkward facial shot of a person you see when a online video loads, then stops to buffer.
Oh jeez, this chick looked really hot at the start of the video, but look at her Buffer Face man, it's all botox
by KBX911 July 01, 2011
when you go to an online shopping site and go all the way to the checkout page with a product in your cart but then just press x and close the poor page
jim gets cheap thrills by online chopping, he thinks there is an actual sales person staring at him shop and who gets all sad when jim online chops the cart
by kbx911 October 07, 2011
the term given to bankers since the 2008 fiasco of bringing recession in to the world
i'm heading to zucotti park, i'm gonna diss these bwankers all day long
by kbx911 December 11, 2011
The fear that you will have to go on retrying the captcha text-entry forever because it is just so damn hard to read those things
Dude1: Dude, WTF, this is the 9th time i'm entering the captcha, either this thing is playing mind games with me or i am dyslexic, one more "Oops" and a red message and i am throwing this PC out the window....grrrrrrrrr

Dude2: oh oh

WHAM!!! Crash!!!!

Dude2: control the rage buddy, you just have captchaphobia
by KBX911 July 13, 2011
Spending hours on the Internet reading all the definitions of "Epic Fail" on The Urban Dictionary
You Sir, yes You, reading this sentence...still reading this sentence, You...is Epic Fail. But don't kill yourself over it. No seriously, die. EPIC FAAAAAAIL!
by KBX911 November 19, 2010

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