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The combination of the words "delicious" and "perverted" that describes something that is very perverted (meant in a positive connotation). It can also pertain to a funny perverted joke, such as a TWSS. If something is pervalicious, it is sure that a pervert would like it.

Can be used to describe a person, comment, or item.
Museum Visitor: "That's the biggest bone I've ever seen!"
Friend: "That's what she said."
Museum Visitor: "Oh, come on..."
Friend: "I know you find my charms pervalicious, but shouldn't we do that in a more private setting."
by K-Kiyo January 19, 2009
Basically a Raver Wannabe. These people generally listen to electronica and probably dance to it in their rooms on lone Saturday nights. They also may wear strange and bright-colored clothing.

These people are not ravers because they do not go to actual raves or house parties.
Reasons may include, but are not limited to: timidness, Mom said "no", fear of drugs, fear of people, living in the suburbs, living in the country

These people are not meant to be confused with scene kids, for they do not participate in a full-body flail. Plus, scene kids actually DO go to parties.
"Ugh, my brother spent all Saturday dancing to that dang DJ Cammy. It kept me up all night."
"Ah, too bad. I never saw Jimmy as becoming a Raebe..."
by K-Kiyo January 13, 2009
A person who does one of the following while alone in his/her room:
-Strip tease
-Wear promiscuous clothing
-Wear nothing

The homeho's ritual also usually (but not always) includes a mirror and/or music and dancing.

Basically: A person acting whorish in the privacy of his/her own home/room.
"Did you hear? Amy turned us down to go to the movies so she could look at herself in the mirror while dancing naked!"

"What a homeho."
by K-Kiyo January 24, 2009
Like teabagging but in the video game world. When one is killed in a video game, the killer who scored the frag stands over the dead's head and repeatedly crouches and stands.
"Oh man, he killed me..."
"And to make it worse, it looks like he's fragbagging you too."
by K-Kiyo April 23, 2009
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