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4 definitions by K$

derivative of crunk; anything of or pertaining to Benjamin Darrington.
Look at Ben rocking that bling-- crunkilicious!
by K$ November 28, 2004
6 3
An elite RTCW player. Definition of class. Antonymns: see "spaz"
Wow, Krack just owned Spaz.
by K$ August 10, 2003
0 0
The types of sloots one doesn't normally hang out with. The bitches you always see and wanna pork.
Let's hit up some exotic bitches and get our dicks wet!
by k$ February 08, 2014
0 2
One fly-ass chicka hailing from the Midwest
Yo, k-money, keep holding it down for the playas in Ohio, yo!
by K$ November 29, 2004
31 47