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n. A picture taken of someone ripping a bong and then tagging the photo on Facebook or Myspace without prior consent.
Johnny is such a douche i just saw 6 phelps photos of me on Facebook.
by JustinHimmelbaum February 04, 2009
n. The region on a females anatomy on which semen is most commonly deposited.

For instance:
the lower back
the breasts
the eye
the ear
the mouth
the FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area)
the abdomen
Suzy has an infection in her loading zone so the doctor perscribed her eye drops.

My friend Candy has a tramp stamp on her loading zone.

Pamela Anderson has an absurdly large loading zone.
by JustinHimmelbaum February 04, 2009
V. To remove the penis from the vagina during intercourse just prior to ejaculation and subsequently ejaculating on the females abdomen. Then proceeding to pat down the ejaculate with an orange or yellow towel then flipping the towel over and repeating the process. After following the previous steps you must ring out the towel while saying sham WOW!!! The wow must be said with unbelievable enthusiasm.

to be shamwowed
i am shamwowing
I was having sex with tim on his bathroom sink when he shamwowed the shit out of me!!!

see also the shit out of
by JustinHimmelbaum February 04, 2009

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