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3 definitions by Justim

Noun: 'vajsasin' Anyone who performs vaginal intercourse so vigorously that afterwards the woman is incapable of having vaginal intercourse anytime in the near future.

Verb form is vagsassinate.
"Dude, I heard that he hit that so hard that she couldn't even think about sex for a week. He's a total vagsassin."

"I vagsassinated my girlfriend last night. Unless I can talk her into anal I'm not getting any for a while."
by Justim August 21, 2007
So grateful for something that you give the person you are grateful to a blowjob.
I'm grateful for the necklace my boyfriend got me, but I'm not Hilary Duff grateful.
by Justim February 24, 2010
A destination that is such a waste of your time that you can't attach a value to it.
"I got stuck driving around with my dad the other day."
"Where'd you go?"
"Rent-A-Clown. Complete fucking waste of my day."
by Justim August 04, 2008