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2 definitions by Just EN Credible

When a person of the female sex has braces and wants to perform oral sex on your heat seeking moisture missle, but you dont want her to.
Man, that bitch is hot! i wish she'd blow my one-eyed trowser trout....wait.....wait....oh man, braces....? Never mind she's a black and decker pecker wrecker
by Just EN Credible September 17, 2006
This is what OG really means...

OG- Original gamer.

Anyone who remembers the day where you would sit on your couch and play original Nintendo while your grandma cheered you on from the love seat while smoking a cigarette. If you remember these times like they were yesterday because you still play these games, then you are OG. Son!
Keanan: Yo Justin! wanna be OG?

Justin: Yeah man, lemme get my grandma and her pack of cigs and we'll boot up some Mario 3 Sucka.
by Just EN Credible September 17, 2006