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A sweet, intelligent, lovable guy, who i can't stop thinking of and will always be in love with.
(sees a guy at a bbq) Wohh!! He's my boo!
by Julz November 05, 2004
Items that might reveal one's sexual preference.
"Shit, the parents are coming to visit. Quick, hide the gayaphernalia!"
by Julz November 07, 2003
"Stay the fuck up out my biznass" - Ludacris
by Julz November 07, 2003
sweet, intelligent, sexy, gorgeous, droolable guy whom i've liked for some time, but nobody knows how i feel..
(sees a guy on the street).. ohhh that's definitely a melvs!!
by Julz November 02, 2004
killed the greatest rapper ever tupac an then went ahead and killed biggie
fuck you suge
by julz February 06, 2004
to explain you are well protected
"wtch ur back in those ends blad"
"naa it kl blad.. im well trenched in dem endz"
by JulZ June 18, 2006

word for friend, otherwise used for "close" friends, ones who are considered best friends


boogyyman122: hey,your sleeping over,right?
boogymaan1233: yeah cheeksta of course!
by julz October 26, 2003

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