41 definitions by Juice

to engage in sexual intercourse
grab you a bitch and skreebunkle
by juice November 03, 2002
An extremely large penis. Used to describe the slosh made of a woman's reproductive organs.
I laid her down by the fire and proceeded to use the gut scrambler to rule that twat.
by Juice March 08, 2005
The intentional restatement of language as it was originally presented by the author during a business meeting in an unsuccessful attempt to make oneself appear to be intelligent.
Cameron resorted to using Cambonics during our meeting this morning because he had no idea what to say when asked a question about marketing campaign management.
by Juice January 27, 2005
a. the worst player in the game, typically marked by glowing green and having his/her name changed to "green bish"

b. a phrase typically used when one does not want to be slain by an admin
a. green bish!

green bish?
1. yes
2. no
by Juice December 06, 2003
The backwords spelling for Dark Zero, and also the alias of a man named Daniel Wu. A want to be gamer, who isn't very good at Starcraft or Counterstrike.
orezkrad, man he sucks at bw
by Juice September 20, 2003
someone that is extremely gay, and is often found dancing gayly and/or tossin a pen, and occasionally suckin' some dick
"Dude, what're you doin' take that dick out of your mouth and stop bein' such a fornier"
by JUice March 20, 2003
taint your balls and taint your asshole
stinky stip of skin between balls and asshole
by juice November 12, 2003

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