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Another term for fast food, because after you eat it for a long time it wall make you die from a heart attack,stroke ect.
I quit eating die faster food.
by Judge dreed7 April 12, 2011
A term for people or humankind as a whole.
Because they are so closely related to apes that it makes no difference and for the recognition that most people are extremly selfish and will do anything for money from working themselves to death to pulling a scam ect.
They are just greedy little apes.
by Judge dreed7 April 08, 2011

The month where you are encourged to watch all the porn you can and invite all your friends over to watch it. And the month where they have all the porn shows and porn festivals ect. they can.
It's almost the first day of promote porn month.
by Judge dreed7 April 07, 2011
Term comes from the term for a gun fighter in the old west,gun slanger.
A guy that uses his dick like a gun fighter uses his gun and fucks woman after woman.
He's a dick slanger.
by Judge dreed7 April 05, 2011
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